Gallery Renard

Artists of heraldic artwort

Gallery “Renard” is a German studio which is specialized in the commissions of paying clients. Since the company was founded in 2012, numerous drawings and paintings have been created for art buyers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Benelux countries. Gallery “Renard”, represented by the artist couple Ilka and Philipp-M. Wegner, is located in the Rhineland town of Hennef.

Our Philosophy

People who are able to professionally pursue their greatest hobby will unconsciously be able to transfer their passion and urge to all their projects. Clients can always be sure that they will never get a product that was made half-heartedly.

A professional artist is characterized by the passion in his profession. He is dedicated to the various projects of his clients. People, who can only do their work half-heartedly, for example because of another occupation, can never offer their clients an excellent service.

Heraldic artists

We entirely count the qualitative drawing tools as standard – a standard must never be additionally charged to the client! To sell art means permanently dealing with art. This includes meticulous material science and maintenance/care. A professional artist always has to present the best tools and image carriers to his client, in order to achieve the best possible result. Of course, this is also a matter of the price, which, however, is not allowed to be solved at the expense of the client. That’s why only a professional artist with a satisfactory number of new orders can economically use the optimum of art materials.

A hand-drawn artwork requires a lot of time, concentration and patience. Meaningful results are often visible just before the final touch. First and foremost, craft means handwork. This work can take several hours or even days. Certain procedures are tied to very special lighting conditions or work surroundings. Especially in the field of the coloured family trees and pedigree charts, the required time can only be roughly estimated in advance. That’s why there aren’t clearly defined working hours. Working long hours and/or at night is also rather common. You can recognize a motivated artist if he respects every wish and request, no matter how small or important, while at the same time does not let anyone wait for too long for the results.

We are service-oriented with regard to an order for a drawing. The personal contact with every single prospective buyer is especially important for us. All of our communication channels are usually active all day for questions and suggestions. Telephone inquiries are not handled by any call center.

Customer satisfaction is always top priority. We always point out problems of difficult motifs. This includes two things, motifs, which, because of their composition, are not suitable for a requested technique, as well photographs, which are qualitatively simply unsuitable (i.e., because of the resolution or exposure). If a satisfactory processing is not possible from the beginning, it can lead to a rejection of the order.

Portrait of the heraldic artists

No computerized program can replace hand-made work. Therefore, we have no aspiration to compete with a robot. The stylistic freedom to be able to make minimal mistakes characterizes the individuality of an artist. Those who cannot accept this have to use a printer as the only alternative for flawless perfection.

Each collective project is not only a unique artwork that will be remembered for a long time by the buyer, but also by the artists. Even smaller drawings often tell their own story and are associated with emotions of moments in the processing. Stubborn strands of hair, extravagant clothing patterns, shining eyes and other original details remain in memory and give the artist an own, personal connection to each individual order. Each artist brings his own personal style into his work. With the exception of classic reproductions, this individual stroke is very desirable. However, our works are technically similar to each other. In this way, the art buyer gets a better estmation of the expected result of his order.