Project Schedule

commissioning family tree

Are you interested in an individual visualization of a family tree? Every project is divided into seven process phases.

Name of process Amount of process Remuneration
1.) Request 5% free
2.) Analysis & offer 10% free
3.) Concept 30% 50% deposit
4.) Data transfer (digital) 50%
5.) Data transfer (onto paper) 70% Remaining amount
6.) Process of painting 95% Remaining amount
7.) Shipping 100% Remaining amount


For the processing of your request and precise inquiry we need the following information: the number of name plates, number of generations, additional elements (coat of arms, backgrounds, etc.), requested artistic technique (pencil or watercolor, black and white or colored), preferred deadline and possibly structural ideas already.

You get a concrete offer with a total price and an estimated time of the development.

You are also welcome to use our internal contact form.

Analysis & offer

After you have sent us the record, we start with the first elaboration. At that point, problems are analyzed and the tree’s course is planned.

In this step the project’s practicability is checked. Only if we confirm a problem-free processing and you accept our ideas, the detailed elaboration will start.. If an implementation is not possible for certain reasons, you will be informed by us. Up to this time no costs are incurred for you.


The conceptional phase is the most important part of the project. In this phase the look of the tree is designed with various graphical programs. At this time, all persons with their names and other dates will be transferred to the computer. At the same time, a plausibility check will be carried out. The artists are faced with the challenge of transferring all name tags visually harmoniously and legibly to the desired paper size At this stage, corrections are possible. If there are any errors or problems, you will be contacted immediately.

family tree commission

The result is a digital draft of a future drawing which can be sent to you on request by mail. With that digital draft, you can see the positions of all the requested elements, the design of the name plates as well as the silhouettes of the tree.

Process of painting

The digital family tree is now manually transferred to the paper. Usually, the artist chooses the suitable image carrier and drawing tools to achieve the best possible result. Of course, we can inform you in advance about the technical details, i.e. about the type and weight of the paper.

commission of a family tree

The drawing process is temporally dependant on the requested drawing technique and the degree of detail of the tree. Penciled elements may still be corrected. As soon as watercolors, ink and feather are used, you have to work very concentrated. Here you need longer breaks in between the working phases. For that reason, the completion of the project will of course take longer.

commissioning family tree


We will always inform you about possible delays and contact you no later than the day of completion. A photographed version is basically not desirable because the overall impression can be heavily distorted depending on the camera setting, perspective and exposure. Unlike digital printing, the paper texture, exact strokes, and color and shading courses are responsible for the effect of a handmade artwork. These details are only conditionally portrayable in a photo. In addition, the color, brightness and contrast are very dependent on the settings of the monitor. Therefore, we recommend to go without pre-release versions and wait for the finished work of art

commissioning family trees


Packing and shipping vary depending on the size and type of the picture. For different image sizes, we have developed an optimal packaging concept that takes into account moisture, dirt, dents and wrinkles. Usually, we deliver our drawings and paintings with the DHL delivery service. For larger formats (starting from DIN A1), alternative delivery methods are required. There may be additional costs, which of course we already consider in the price quote.