Gallery of Arms

In the gallery you can get an impression of our work. We have included some of the most striking coats of arms from our order backlog as exemplary presentations in the coat of arms gallery.

Left/Above: This coat of arms was painted with watercolors on document paper measuring 30×40 cm. The elaborately ornate mantling is particularly eye-catching.

Right/Below: In this painting of a coat of arms you can see the shiny effect of the applied gold paint particularly well. We like to use golden color pigments for the development of the mantling. The format of 45x60cm offered plenty of scope for fine shading and detailed elaborations.

In recent years, our customers have had very different coats of arms painted by us. A heraldic correct realization was not always the focus. Sometimes this was explicitly not desired. In these cases, an existing coat of arms was asked to be reproduced only.

Black and white variants of a painted coat of arms can also be realized. Here you can see examples of drawings of coat of arms in pencil technique. The advantage is of course that a clear color assignment is not necessary. This can make sense if a colored template or a description of a coat of arms is not available.

Left/Above: This coat of arms (Fam. Wege) is an acrylic painting on a canvas (50x70cm). For larger formats (from approx. DIN A2) we rely exclusively on acrylic technology and usually use a canvas on a stretcher frame.

Right/Below: Here another customer had his existing coat of arms painted by us. It’s a watercolor painting on paper. A computer-animated graphic served as a template. The result is a hand-painted painting on a so-called elephant skin.

Left/Above: The shield of the coat of arms is comparatively simple. An escroll with the family name was added here as an additional element. The use of golden color is striking, which is particularly effective under the influence of light. We are happy to place family names or other smaller lettering in the desired coat of arms painting at no extra charge.

Right/Below: Another watercolor painting on document paper (approx. 30x40cm) is shown here. It is a reproduction based on a graphic designed on a PC. The color differences in the background of the coat of arms compared to the other works are due to differences in exposure when the picture was taken. Depending on the screen/monitor setting, these differences can be even more serious.

Questionable or incorrect crests? – Deviations from the rules of heraldry

In the simple reproduction of a coat of arms, we do not question the blazon. However, if you would like to have a coat of arms painted, we usually point out problem areas in the template. If the coat of arms description allows it and this is also desired, we can make some adjustments to the template.

Left/above: This is a new edition of a family coat of arms that is getting on in years. The customer had an existing coat of arms painted, and a 1:1 reproduction was desired. Strictly speaking, however, the size and inclination of the helmet does not match the other elements. The watercolor was made in the size DIN A4.

Right/Below: This coat of arms was put down on paper based on a description requested by the customer. What is striking, however, are the neighboring silver fields in the coat of arms, which do not correspond to the basic heraldic rules.