Pedigree paintings

The display of a pedigree chart, which sees the youngest generation as the origin in the root, cannot of course do justice to the botanical claims. At this point you should not think of the pure natural imagination that the young, new leaves, are forming the tree‘s outer top part.

The pedigree chart ideally records an exponential development of the people per generation (two parents are facing four grandparents and eight great-grandparents). The exponential growth can quickly become a problem. In the sixth generation already 64 persons would have to be displayed. Only in rare cases all of the ancestors are known. With a relatively large number of people on a generation level, the larger image carriers or alternatives to the classic visualization of a tree have to be considered.

Structure of pedigree paintings
  • Origin (stem): Person or spouse of present
  • Tree Crown: Foretime
  • Spouse: All spouses are displayed
  • Siblings: No siblings mentioned
  • Presentation: Even the paternal as the maternal