Family Tree

family tree paintings

Family tree paintings start with the family’s oldest, well-known ancestral, the forefather. The family tree can also be called a registered ordinary because it includes all of the father and forefather‘s ancestors of the person of origin.
The family tree describes the history of a surname. The ancestrals of the maternal line are not included. Every forefather is usually mentioned with his wife and all of his children. The children are forming the branches of the family tree, while the main line displays a master course to the person of origin in the top of the tree.

A similar form of representation of the family is possible with a pedigree chart.

structure of family tree paintings
  • Origin (stem): oldest known member of the family
  • Tree Crown: Present age
  • Spouse: Only spouse of the name line are shown
  • Siblings: All siblings of every forefather is mentioned
  • Presentation: Only the history of the surname

Often other spouses or even the ancestors of the married persons are desired on family tree paintings. Even if it deviates from the classic structure, we can easily create a hybrid tree representation of this kind. It could be problematic if there are too many overlaps. In this case, different grayscale or color must be used in the family tree painting.

Only if no clear realization is possible and, for example, the various family strands would overlap, we recommend reducing the content of the family tree to the essence.