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Hand drawn family trees, pedigree charts and hand painted coats of arms




In principle, all art techniques can be realized by us. For optimal results, we have specialized in the following four core areas. Each technique has its advantages and disadvantages as well as a special area for ​​application.

Pencil Drawings

Classic & Timeless

Watercolor Paintings

Colorful & Versatile

Ink Drawings

Monochrome & High Contrast

Acrylic Paintings

Colorful & Elegant

For every project
suitable image carriers & tool

The choice of painting technique is always a question of taste. First and foremost, ask yourself whether you want a colored painting or a black and white drawing. We would be happy to advise you and of course without obligation.

Our Work

Workplace Snapshots

We always try to capture as many work steps as possible with the camera in order to give you a transparent impression of how we work. Here is a very small insight:

Our Qualities

Service as a matter of course

In all our projects, we build on a relaxed, personal cooperation and take our supervision seriously!

Transparent fixed prices

The time required for our family tree drawings and coat of arms paintings is estimated in advance of processing and assessed with a binding total price (even for larger projects). There are no confusing hourly bills or other cost traps with us!

Non-binding advice

Good service is a matter of course and not an expensive luxury! We would be happy to advise you personally and without obligation in the run-up to processing. There are many contact options available for individual questions.

Flexible working method

Family tree projects do not have to be processed in a highly professional manner so that we can work with them. You are welcome to send us your documents informally. We can also easily incorporate hand-drawn sketches for the coats of arms and hand-written family tree data.

Handicrafts from Germany

With pride and tradition

Each project is unique and extremely exciting, because no two trees are alike. Starting with the first notes to the final result on drawing paper, we experience interesting family stories with our customers. We are excited to help visualize these narratives.“

The Wegners, management

Project Phases

From the inquiry to the finished family tree painting or hand-painted coat of arms.


We advise you in detail, without obligation and free of charge on your project. As a rule, you do not need an appointment for comprehensive for telephone infomation.


Before we start drawing on paper, we develop a digital concept. All proportions, lettering and the positions of any secondary elements can be adjusted together.

100% Handwork

All of our finished works are 100% created with brushes and pencils on paper. We generally do not offer prints or partial prints.


We send the pictures worldwide! The shipping conditions have been optimized over the years so that we can guarantee safe shipping.

References & Data

Statistics for the statisticians

labeled plates
sqm-image carrier

The data is based on an average family tree drawing with around 55 people on a 40x50cm image carrier – as of July 2023.

Thanks to the heraldists & genealogists

We are first and foremost artists, not scientists. In contrast to the classic heraldist, we have no special access to databases, for example to register a coat of arms or to carry out genealogical research.

However, with several hundred drawings and paintings per year commissioned by art lovers, we reserve the right to be absolute experts in dealing with these drawing instruments. More than ten years of experience in the field of coat of arms and family tree painting and a correspondingly accumulated professional and stylistic know-how can also testify that you can always expect high-quality results from us.

At this point, our respect also belongs to the numerous archive detectives on the traces of human history, who provide us with the necessary data for our unique projects!

Our Services

Art & Heraldry

Our company stands for high competence of family tree drawing and coat of arms painting. We visualize your personal family history! You can see specific areas of responsibility here:

Family Tree

Visualization of genealogical records as drawings or paintings

The creation of hand-drawn family trees and pedigrees is one of our core competencies. At the end of a genealogical research, we are the right contact to present the data record graphically. The respective family tree or pedigree is created in laborious manual work.

• Individual tree representations
• Digital Concept with customization options
• 100% hand drawn on paper
• Various design options

Designing Coats of Arms

Reproduction of existing coats of arms and new drafts of concepts

Hand-painted coats of arms are still very popular today. We create impressive paintings from old drawings or photographs. We would be happy to check the feasibility of a motif without obligation.

• Reproductions based on a descriptions of coat of arms
• Refreshing poorly recognizable templates
• Creation of paintings of coat of arms according to the customer’s request
• Advice according to heraldic rules
• Support for a foundation of a coat of arms


We decorate your family trees, coats of arms and certificates with any illustrations you like.

Depending on the customer’s wishes, we produce colored illustrations using acrylic or watercolor techniques, as well as black and white graphics with pencils or as ink drawings. Each drawing and each painting is created entirely by hand. We do not offer art prints!

• Expertise in realistic drawings & paintings
• Precise work with high-quality instruments
• Professional portrait painting
• Clean, routine work


We connect you with experienced genealogists or support you with your research.

Do you need support with genealogical research, do you need help with older writings and documents, or are you simply missing a reference to your pedigree? We have the possibilities and the contacts to provide you with some additional data for genealogical research.

• Diskrete Datenübermittlung
• Transparente Abrechnunungsmodelle
• Forschungsprotokolle
• Digitalisierung von Registereinträgen
• Transkription älterer Dokumente


We are happy to take the time for you!

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