Art Media

In order to create a high-quality work of art, the best drawing tools must be used. The difference between high-quality colors and simple no-name products is reflected not only in the luminosity but also in the longevity of the painting.

Aquarelle – Watercolor

For colored paintings in the field of heraldic artwork, we recommend the watercolor technique. With Aquarelle paints a very realistic as well as a playful, ornate representation of a motif is possible. Watercolors can be translucent as well as opaque.

(Graphite) Pencils

The pencil is a universal tool for creating black-and-white artworks. With pencils of different degrees of hardness very fine elements can be worked out. Pencils are used in all areas of heraldic art. However, a pencil drawing is always black and white. Smaller elements can be colored with watercolor or Indian ink. However, the contrast could be too strong, so we advise against combining the pencil with another technique.


Charcoal is a drawing technique that is used for intense contrasts. It creates a deep black, which can not be created with pencils, for example. Charcoal, however, is relatively coarse, which is why it is not recommended for fine detail work. In the field of heraldic art we usually recommend the technically similar pencil. A combination of the two drawing techniques is not advisable, as it can lead to significant differences in contrast. In direct comparison, the lines with the charcoal clearly differ from those of the pencil.
However, charcoal can be of advantage for various larger paintings. Especially in the area of coat of arms artwork, this technique would be an interesting alternative to create a black and white painting.

Pens and Inks

We use different types of ink to give more expression to our works. Especially in combination with watercolors, an artwork needs strong accents that can not be achieved with simple pencils.